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Welcome to Knowzy 2.0

Logo reads 'Knowzy: Now You Know.' In the background is a photo of several hands on top of one another in the center. As the arms extend out, more hands grab on to the arms, forming a network.
Thanks for Checking In on Knowzy

You're in the right place to learn the latest Knowzy news.

It's the upgrade years in the making. It's the authoring system that brings you more from Knowzy more often. It's the framework upon which we will build even greater things.

It's Knowzy 2.0, the next phase of bringing you the stories that matter to your life.

We're glad you're here to share in our excitement. Read on to learn what Knowzy 2.0 has to offer.

Our apologies if what follows gets too techie. Knowzy 2.0 is primarily a technological milestone, though one that helps enable our editorial side's tenacity.




Push-button Publishing

If you notice Knowzy publishing more frequently, it's because doing so is now remarkably easy.

A content management system (CMS) now backs Knowzy. Atop the CMS are the tools to run Knowzy's brand of magazine.

Though it may not look much different on the surface, Knowzy 2.0 is a whole different world behind-the-scenes.


Pictures Scale Relative to Screen

We despise absolute measurements at Knowzy. What works for a 32" flat screen monitor doesn't work for a cramped netbook display and vice-versa.

Relative measurements let everyone enjoy our site.

With Knowzy 2.0, we rid ourselves of one of our last fixed-sized elements: Pictures.

Pictures are now a percentage of your screen- such as 40% or 100%. Too big or too small for you? Resize it by dragging the left border of the picture.

Note: This feature requires a browser capable of high-quality image scaling. These include Internet Explorer 7 or higher, Firefox 4 or higher (though not the Windows version), Chrome and Safari. If you're using an unsupported browser, you can test the feature by adding ?imagescaling=true to the URL.


Smartphone Version

iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone owners, this is for you: In Knowzy 2.0, we treat your browser like a grown-up while remaining mindful of your smaller screen and possibly constrained Internet connection.

Knowzy has always had a mobile version. But today's Smartphones much more capable than they used to be. Knowzy responded to this trend.

Compared to the basic mobile version, the Smartphone view of Knowzy has pictures three times bigger and generally looks nicer.

So you say, "My smartphone is so cool and powerful, I don't need a special version!" Just scroll to the bottom of the page and pick the "Desktop" view. We'll even remember your choice next time you visit.

Just consider that Desktop-mode pictures take 10 times longer to download. That could make a big difference when you encounter 3G network congestion or lack an unlimited data plan. You also might find yourself zooming and scrolling laterally in the Desktop view, something we try to avoid in the Smartphone version.


Page Versioning

Articles on Knowzy are living documents. Now you can trace their lineage.

In Knowzy 2.0, you can read previous versions of our articles. See what we were saying about the topic last week, last year or when we first brought it up.

At the end of the article, look for a version number. To view a previous version, just add ?version=1 to the URL, replacing the "1" with the version of your choice.

Admittedly, this feature is still in its infancy, but we have big plans for it.



Have you had poor results printing web pages? At Knowzy, we do a better job of it than most.

And we don't require a special print button. Just print as you normally would.

A nice printing side-benefit of our image scaling is each picture is a higher resolution than it appears on your screen. Your printer will make good use of the extra resolution.

Hint: For best results, choose the "Print Background" option in your browser. We'd do it for you if we could.



Knowzy fits your screen. From a tiny netbook screen to a larger-than-life high definition display, Knowzy offers a pleasant browsing experience.

Try this: Start with your web browser as wide your screen. Now slowly shrink the window. The floating page shrinks and eventually collapses to make more room for content. Keep going and the font size shrinks. Keep making the window smaller and the sidebar disappears, making Knowzy viewable even at 640x480.

If Knowzy still can't fit on you screen, the Smartphone and mobile versions accommodate even smaller screens.

For wide, HD displays, Knowzy lets you read with your eyes and not your neck by limiting the article area to 132 characters wide. Any wider forces you to turn your head back and forth to read each line of the article.


And Much More

There are many other improvements in Knowzy 2.0 but we won't bore you with them all. Just come back over the months and see what these improvements lead to.



Originally Published:  Tuesday, July 19, 2011, 4:52 PM PT

Last Updated:  Tuesday, August 2, 2011, 4:39 PM PT

Version 2



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