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Publishing Standards and Mission: We're On Your Side

When we cover a topic, our perspective is what's best for you. That claim may sound cliché but our policies ensure that we back it up.

We pledge to only publish content that adhere to the standards that follow.


At Knowzy, we strive to set ourselves apart from other information web sites by providing reliable, in-depth coverage on the topics we report on. We are grateful for your visit and and we show it by treating you with respect.

For every topic we cover, we pledge to live up to the following standards:



  • Fact checking
  • Multiple sources (where possible)
  • Error correction



  • Topics that you ask for
  • Topics that affect your life
  • Coverage well beyond the press release



  • Multi-page coverage of topics
  • References to related material
  • Summarized and organized


Responsive to Feedback

  • Each topic has an active editor
  • Each topic has a feedback page
  • We thrive on your participation


Advertising Policy

  • Advertisements are always labeled
  • No pop-up ads!
  • Advertisers are pre-screened



  • Easy navigation
  • Readable font sizes
  • Preview links before you click

Our business depends on being a credible, trustworthy, in-depth source for information that is relevant to your life. We wouldn't have a reason to come in to work every day unless we held ourselves up to that standard.



Accurate information is crucial at Knowzy. The Internet is rife with incorrect and misleading information. If you read it here, you can be sure we have done our homework first.

At Knowzy, we check facts; we never just repeat something found on another web site. We verify our information from multiple sources. We are quick to correct errors when we become aware of them.

Our commitment to accuracy sets us apart from the majority of information sites. We think you'll notice the difference!



We cover topics we believe are important to you. We make that judgment based on your suggestions, news stories and general trends.

Companies and government agencies tell the public every day what is important to them through press releases. We don't care that company XYZ has a new whiz-bang product or service unless we honestly think you do.

When we decide cover a topic, we go far beyond a press release. We will give you background and insight. We cover the aspects that are relevant to your life. If the company or agency isn't giving you the whole story, we will fill you in.



When we cover a topic at Knowzy, expect more than just a page of information. In fact, you'll probably find more information than you care to read.

At the same time, we do our best not to overwhelm you with information. Major aspects of a topic will have their own page. Summaries and side-bars get right to the point. Keep reading until your curiosity is satisfied.

If that's not enough, we provide links to other related web sites and offline resources. Plus you can discuss the topic further with the editors and publicly with other visitors.


Responsive to Feedback

We hear you loud and clear at Knowzy. Every topic has a section for feedback and discussion. Every topic has an active editor. Every topic is alive and ever-changing.

Is there something we didn't answer? Let us know. Did we make a mistake? We'll correct it. Do you have something to add? We'll incorporate it into the topic.

At Knowzy, we thrive on your participation.


Advertising Policy

Some news and information web sites seem to have little respect for their visitors. They bombard you with pop-up ads. They reserve a narrow column on the page for the article and fill the rest with flashing, intrusive ads.They sell what they glowingly review. It's so bad at some sites, you don't dare click a link for fear of what you might be hit with next.

Our success at Knowzy depends on your opinion of us. Your pop-up blocker won't have a fit when you visit Knowzy. Any advertisements are clearly marked as such. We screen ads before we allow them on our site.

At Knowzy, we want you to support our advertisers but at your discretion. Not by trickery or shoving them in your face. And certainly not at the expense of our creditibility.



We strive to make our site approachable and easy to use. After all, what good is all of this information information if you can't access it.

Our Knowzy "Info Bubbles©" tell you what to expect before you follow a link. Often the Info Bubble is so informative, you don't need to click the link.

Knowzy is dedicated to using a readable text size and allowing you to adjust it to your taste. And all text on the page is adjusted, not just the article.

Our pages adapt to your browser, even if you visit us on a mobile phone or using screen reader.We don't require or expect everyone visiting to be using Internet Explorer on Windows XP with a high-resolution screen!

Finally, we make Knowzy easy to navigate. We have a topic tree on the left side of the page. You can search our site. Each topic has a "Topic Guide" to help you find what you came for quickly. Information is categoriezed into one of 7 types, including "Reference," "Discussion," "Opinion" and "Instruction."


Originally Published:  Tuesday, June 13, 2006, 5:00 PM PT

Last Updated:  Sunday, July 10, 2011, 3:34 PM PT

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