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Knowzy Content Categories: A Rainbow of Organization

Here at Knowzy, information comes in all colors of the rainbow. Is the info you are viewing an opinion, a fact or an advertisement? The color surrounding the content will tell you for sure.

Content on Knowzy is categorized into one of seven categories, each represented by a different color of the rainbow. These colors help you understand the elements on the page you are viewing and indicate what to expect if you follow a link.


Explore Knowzy Content Categories

Below is the complete "rainbow" of color-coded categories and a description of each.


Content Categories

Topic Home

Start exploring here. Includes a brief overview of the topic, highlights and pointers to subtopics and related topics.

Informative Articles

Detailed, factual articles about a topic. Bringing you up-to-speed and offering useful information about the topic you are reading.

Opinion and Commentary

Our contributors' qualified views on a topic. Includes opinion pieces, reviews, letters to the editor and more.

Instructional Guide

Learn how to get something done. Step-by-step guides, instructional videos and more to help you accomplish a task.


The social and interactive zone of a topic. Add your two cents, ask a question and read what other Knowzy visitors are saying.


Just the facts. Sources of information, further reading, footnotes, definitions, profiles of people and companies and more.


Browse products and services backed by the facts and figures found in the topic.

Multimedia and Tools

Enriching your experience. Pictures, charts, interactive tools, videos, maps and more.




Originally Published:  Wednesday, December 13, 2006, 12:00 AM PT

Last Updated:  Sunday, July 10, 2011, 7:52 PM PT



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