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Cartoon of a spotlight shining on a robber in black holding bags of money. He has a surprised look on his face.

A credit report from is often anything but free. The fine print reveals that you are really signing up for a free 7-day credit monitoring trial.

If you find a $14.95 charge on your credit card reading "," you have overstayed your welcome at FreeCreditReport.Com.

Despite Federal Trade Commission orders to refund $1.25 million in "ill-gotten" gains, Experian still markets their flagship TripleAdvantage credit monitoring as a simple free credit report or free credit score.

If TripleAdvantage credit monitoring is such a valuable service, why not try to sell it on its merits?


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Learn why is now charging $1 for a "free" credit report. Put an end to that mysterious CIC TripleAdvantage credit card charge. Hear readers tell their stories about getting ripped off at See how TripleAdvantage stacks up to other credit monitoring services.

Find all of this and more in Knowzy's "FreeCreditReport.Com is a Rip Off".

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Originally Published:  Thursday, June 2, 2011, 5:00 PM PT

Last Updated:  Tuesday, August 2, 2011, 2:33 PM PT

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