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My Pictures Slideshow Screensaver Related Links

Below are other sites on the Internet that are related to Knowzy's My Pictures Slideshow Screensaver topic.

First, we present other free slideshow screensaver software. The My Pictures screen saver doesn't fit everyone's needs. Other slideshows have better features and picture transitions. My Pictures is not compatible with older versions of Windows. Only one folder tree of photos is selectable at once. If the My Pictures slideshow leaves something to be desired, check out some of the other packages.

Next, we list other tutorials on the My Pictures slideshow screensaver. If you would like another perspective on the setting up the My Pictures slideshow, these sites are for you. The Kodak tutorial, for example, has screenshots of the Windows ME screens. Unfortunately, none of them talk about the power settings, which is crucial keeping your screensaver on display.

Finally, we list sites with tips and tricks on using the My Pictures screensaver. Microsoft has an article on creating a shortcut on your desktop to launch your slideshow any time.

If you have a link suggestion for this topic, send us feedback.


Other Free Slideshow Screensavers

JPEG Saver 4 by Graham (Goat 1000)

JPEG Saver has all of the features of the My Pictures Slideshow and much more. This free download will handle enormous picture collections (at least 68,000 photos), can display details about the photo (size, date, etc) and has numerous ways to sequence your picture collection. This man has turned his frustrations with the Windows slideshow into a benefit for everyone!


gPhotoShow Free by Gianpaolo Bottin

This slideshow screensaver comes in two versions: Free and Pro. The latter will cost you 14.95 in Euros. See a feature comparison between the two on the gPhotoShow web site. The free version offers a lot and may offer everything you need. It includes transitions, multiple folders, background music playback and more. Two big things the free version lacks: Movie playback and high quality image resizing (JPEG Saver above has high quality resampling). gPhotoShow has been around since 1999.


Picsaver by Nabocorp

This screensaver was designed for users of earlier versions of Windows, such as Windows 98 and Windows 2000, which do not come with the My Pictures screensaver. It is more flexible and has more and cooler transitions than the My Pictures screensaver. It is also compatible with Windows XP, so if you are looking for a slideshow screensaver that works like My Pictures but has more options, Picsaver is for you.


Picasa by Google

Picasa, Google's photo management software, contains a slick little slideshow with breathtaking and spectacular effects. The "Pan and Zoom" mode makes your still pictures come to life. The "Collage" mode artfully shows several photos on the screen at once. Configuration options are more limited than the My Pictures Screensaver, though you can add multiple folders and even Internet photo feeds. The screensaver used to be available as a standalone download. Now Google requires you to download Picasa. Bummer!


Webshots Desktop by Webshots

This program contains a slideshow screensaver, though it has fewer features than My Pictures. If you are a Webshots user, the advantage to using this screensaver is that it is integrated with the photo libraries you create with the software.


Other My Pictures ScreenSaver Tutorials

Creating a PC Screen Saver (Koadak)

This short, illustrated tutorial shows how to select My Pictures as your screensaver on both Windows XP and ME. Glosses over the settings and doesn't mention power settings at all.


Create a Personal Screen Saver using Your Photos (Microsoft)

A very quick, illustrated guide to setting My Pictures as your screensaver. Shows an alternate way to get to the Screen Saver Options window. Doesn't mention the My Pictures settings at all.


ME & XP Screen Saver Fun (WorldStart)

Finally a My Pictures guide that at least shows My Pictures screensaver settings and has some discussion about them.


My Pictures Slideshow Tips and Tricks

Instantly Activate a Screens Saver (Microsoft)

This article shows you how to run the My Pictures (or any) screensaver instantly from an icon on your desktop. Combined with the ability to advance through the photos using your keyboard, you can use My Pictures as a standalone slideshow program.


Originally Published:  Tuesday, October 17, 2006, 5:00 PM PT

Last Updated:  Sunday, August 7, 2011, 2:33 PM PT

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