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Are you having computer problems? Do you need advice on how to accomplish a particular task? Are you looking to buy a new computer or peripheral? Let Jeff, Knowzy's resident computer expert, help solve your problem.

With 15 years as a software developer and nearly twice as long a computer hobbyist, he has the experience and knowledge to set you on the right path. Best of all, he won't charge you a penny.


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I have a laptop with 1 GB of memory, 2 slots, 512 mb each slot. If I install new memory of 1GB in each slot, will I lose the memory that is currently stored on the 2 memory boards that I remove? If so, what type memory will I lose?

Thank you.


As I use digital for my nature photography what is your suggestion for the longest lasting battery?



I was hoping you can write an article instructing morons like me on how to save their favorite YouTube or email clips people send me so I can show them in class to my students.

I also need to know how to access my computer files on the school computer. I am assuming I somehow transfer the clips to one of those data pluggy in thingamajigs that have virtually replaced the "floppy disk."

Thank you for your time kind sir.


OK, here it goes. I browsed certain forums online also I read their terms of use. I want to know how a computer cookie is used.

If you can answer my question thanks, I'm not really familiar with some computer terms, so this might be the most stupid question you've had so far. Also I browsed these forums through someone else's computer.



One site says I should copy down all the BIOS information before I pull the battery.The other site says that Windows XP will automatically pick up the hardware (and the settings) after I install the new battery.

Which is correct?


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Originally Published:  Monday, June 25, 2007, 5:00 PM PT

Last Updated:  Monday, June 20, 2011, 9:41 PM PT

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