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Do you have a fast food Wi-Fi question to ask or experience to share? Would you like to talk about using your Nintendo DS at McDonald's and other Wi-Fi hotspots?

Beyond the articles in this topic, this is a place to talk about computers in general. Do you want to add your two cents to the PC vs. Mac debate? Thinking of moving to Linux? Do you have questions or opinions on up and coming computing trends?

Let's talk computers!

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Thanks for the article about JITB WiFi.

The JITB in Thousand Oaks has the Ripple TV WiFi enabled. I am writing to you via a JackWiFi connection.

    JITB #261
    484 N. Moorpark Road
    Thousand Oaks, CA  91360
    (805) 495-7874

No customer usable plugs (they are on walls that are across walkways).

I will let you know about any more that I find.

I was kinda surprised that they didn't promote this on their site that is why I was searching when I was in the JITB in Thousand Oaks.

There were a few articles, but your site was on the google page and I thought you might have a list =)

Thanks again for the information!


McD's wireless is a friggin' joke. Why charge for something when, in most areas, all you have to do is go into the parking lot and log into a close by hotel or coffee shop.

They really need to get on the bandwagon. It's already a multi-billion dollar company so why charge???

And finding a plug in the restaurant??? Forget it!!!


I am in Camarillo today and was just randomly looking for WiFi. Knowing that the Motel 6 here has WiFi. (They charge $2.95/day for guests.)

I didn't notice the small black and white "Free WiFi" signs in the front or side windows of the Jack In the Box across the street, but my computer picked up the signal.

It is completely open, no sign-in or PIN needed. It is run on a Covad connection.

Below is information about the connection, location and owners.

Hope this is helpful.


R. Moose


    "Jack In The Box (FREE WiFi)"
    IP Address:
    Not published
    Reverse DNS:
    Not published
    Sonic Wall


I found a table with a outlet (which is better than the Thousand Oaks location).

Operated by Herrick Foods, Inc.

Note: They also operate the Qdoba in Westlake Village where I wrote to you last time. (Qdoba is a JITB company). Independently owned and operated as a franchise of Jack In The Box, Inc.


McDonalds Fee WiFi is a dinosaur!

The decision to charge for internet has me swearing off McDonalds and onto Panera Bread where it is free. The access fee levels Panera's higher food cost. I found that my iPod Touch won't properly work with the Wayport signin either.


I went to McDonalds to see what the Wi-Fi was like. When I got there it said I needed a username and password. Does this mean I need to be some sort of member, or do I ask a cashier?


The WiFi (and JackTV) are gone from the Thousand Oaks store.

This happened a few months ago.

They did get an interactive ordering Kiosk in replacement, but no WiFi =(


Years ago, when I heard that McD was going to install public access, I really looked forward to it. We often travel interstate and stopped at McD's along the way. Now we could check email, weather and news highlights along with our meals. Then it happened and I learned the hit was 3 bucks for, at least an hour and a half, that I didn't need, my enthusiasm quickly evaporated.

Today was the first time I logged on at a McD's! As I opened the door to enter, I noticed a small sign that included the words "Free WiFi!" I wasn't sure I could believe it, but finally it was true. Actually, I had thought of going on to a Burger King with free WiFi that I knew of a little farther on. But, it was snowing, here in Indiana, and we didn't want to wait any longer. Near that Burger King is also a Panera Bread, seems they happen in clusters.

As for interstate travel, the cheapskates that run the Ohio Turnpike were peddling that same ripoff as was McD's when we traveled it 3 weeks ago. That compared to the New York State Thruway that offers free WiFi at every service center.

Eventually competion will break through.


I've been using McD's free wifi since they started it on January 15. I travel on business, and it's a decent place to stop for coffee and internet when I need to loiter a while.

So far, at 4 different locations I've had trouble getting on. I pull up my browser (after the 'puter says I'm connected) to get the login screen. Nothing happens. IE sits there tring to load -- and it doesn't get to the point of trying to redirect me to the McD's login page rather than my standard home page.

Each time, I pessimistically go to the counter and ask everyone working what I should do. They all -- managers included -- give me a "duh, what?" and tell me they don't know what to tell me.

Does their wireless router perhaps need rebooted? Something else? Who knows. But they should have printed or verbal instructions for patrons, a phone # to call for support, and at least some very basic knowledge of what to do and how to connect. I have to assume that after I leave, the problem continues indefinitely, and that that particular restaurant will continue not delivering on their offer of free WiFi.

I don't expect experts to be there, just some basic instructions for what to do when this happens.

I've had this problem too. The problem seems to be upstream from the local McDonald's because I can ping the next hop router with no issues and the echos are under 2 ms. When I trace route to a well known domain (like the lag occurs at one of the ISP routers (Wayport now ATT) a few hops beyond the local router. The problem also may be related to the NAC server they are using as that loads pretty slowly too.

By the way, never assume that the people who actually work at any McDonald's (English speaking or not) are going to know how to deal with the problem. Contract network technicians install the hardware and whatever uplink medium is used. The restaurant staff probably can't even touch the AP.




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Originally Published:  Monday, June 25, 2007, 5:00 PM PT

Last Updated:  Sunday, June 26, 2011, 1:53 PM PT

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