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Photo of a credit card machine. The receipt printer is dispensing dollar bills instead of a receipt.

Find Your Ideal Cash Back Card

Compare 23 reward cards offering at least 1% cash back with no annual fee. Our easy-to-read charts reveal what’s buried in the fine print.

Earn hundreds of dollars per year by matching a cash back card to your spending habits.

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More Highlights

Combo photo shows a credit card receipt dated May 7 and an e-mail dated May 11. The e-mail subject line reads 'MasterCard Activation Confirmation.'

HSBC Sends Activated Debit Cards Through Mail

When HSBC sends you a debit or ATM card in the mail, you may not need to activate it before using it. This is one "convenience" you don't want!

Cheap ARCO Gas, No Credit Card Penalty

Finally, use a credit card at ARCO with no fees. Is the free ARCO debit card worth its warts? Read the in-depth Knowzy review.

Against a blood red background, a credit card with evil looking eyes and smile waves his hands in front of a pile of currency, causing it to catch on fire.

Bad Credit Cards that Come Back to Bite You

Shopping for a credit card with bad or no credit? Beware of the "Fee Harvester" card offering little credit and instant debt. Learn which cards to avoid and discover better alternatives for the credit challenged.

Credit Card Payment Protection: Should You Get It?

Your credit card company is eager to protect you from unemployment and disability. Maybe too eager. Should you take the bait?

Illustation of a long playing vinyl record. A pair of headphones lays atop the record.

Sample Recordings from USB Turntables

Thinking of buying a USB record player? Listen to a few of them before you decide. Hear actual recordings and compare them to CD.

USB Turntable Guide

Digitize your record collection with a USB turntable. Learn what to look for and then browse over 40 USB record players.

(Finally) Free Wi-Fi at McDonald's

McDonald's charged $3 for a wireless Internet session for the first six years it offered Wi-Fi. Now, it's free. Learn what it means for you.

Free Wireless Internet at Jack in the Box is Gone!

Jack in the Box abandoned its fledgling free Wi-Fi network just as McDonald's Wi-Fi went free. Find out which Jack locations still offer Wi-Fi.

Blockbuster's Total Access Price Increase

Netflix rival Blockbuster made sweeping changes to their online DVD rental plan over the last year. Is it still a good deal for you?

The Real "Weird Al" Yankovic

Listen to "Weird Al" music alongside the real songs he paroidies, album by album. Hear these full-length songs for free.

The Free Slideshow Screensaver in Windows XP

A guide to seeing your family, friends and pets on your idle computer screen. Enable your built-in photo slideshow in 3 easy steps.

Credit Monitoring: Prudent or Pointless?

Do you really need a service to keep track of your credit rating? The truth about credit monitoring and free alternatives.

Create an MP3 Collection with Windows Media Player

In less than 15 minutes, you’ll be "ripping" music CDs to MP3 files. Configure Windows once and go!


Originally Published:  Thursday, June 2, 2005, 5:00 PM PT

Last Updated:  Friday, July 22, 2011, 4:50 PM PT

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