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Credit Card Chat

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I signed up years ago for Credit Protector mainly to get rid of high pressure salesman the best I remember.

Anyway, I have filed for disability and can't work. I haven't worked for a company since 2004 and have been living off stock trading and savings.

How should I handle my initial claim/call to Citi? Hopefully, I won't be denied. If so, how successful are folks who sue or fight Citi's decision?

Please answer asap. Thanks for your help.



I've recently been denied coverage after paying thousands over at least 5 years for it. The reason, I tried to keep making my payments as usual for months after becoming unemployed, and when I finally couldn't do it anymore, they told me I had to claim within six months.

Therefore, I'm screwed.

Strangely, one of their employees told me that this was a change to the original agreement within the last 2 years, and that I'd been sent a letter about it.

But a complaint to my US Senator's office brought me a "copy" of the agreement from their subpoena compliance department that seems to confirm the 180 day rule. But its just a photocopy, and the page with the clause in question is not dated.

Why such wrong, yet very specific, information from the employee on the phone? Do you know of any independent way of getting a copy of the agreement I was actually sent when I signed up for this travesty?



To see the terms of the Aventium Black card, go to then click on the "fees, rates, costs and limitations" link.

Proccessing fee is $95 (which must be paid before the account will be opened), annual fee is $75. They seem to imply that the initial credit limit will be $300. There's a 50% fee for any credit limit increases.

Additionally, if you ever call them from your cell phone or otherwise provide them with your cell phone number, you will have agreed that they can sell your number to 3rd parties for telemarketing purposes and that these telemarketing calls may be made with pre-recorded messages. There's no provision (that I can see) to opt out or cancel this once you've given them the info. They ask for the cell phone on the first screen of the application, so it may be too late by the time you've read the terms and conditions... and they may treat it as though you've agreed to this even if you don't subsequently complete the application.



I understand that when a credit card company wants to increase your interest rate they now need to give an option to opt out which will close your account and pay the balance at the lower rate.

What I don't know is that if I have a closed account through the opt out option or closed at my request with a variable rate, will the increase in the prime rate cause an increase in the interest rate on the closed account???


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Originally Published:  Wednesday, September 2, 2009, 5:00 PM PT

Last Updated:  Thursday, July 14, 2011, 10:16 PM PT

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